DFinity: What is in a Product Name?

Joseph H Sadove
2 min readJul 7, 2021

When you see a picture like this, it’s hard to say whether to laugh or be stunned at how over-the-top the silliness, foolishness or just plain delusion exists in the blockchain/crypto/decentralization community.

Whatever else one might say about the chart above, it has to be one of the best illustrations of a pump-and-dump scheme in history. There are a fair number of such pictures in the space, but when one of the largest and most prestigious VC’s in America has poneyed up over $100M, you don’t have to guess where a lot of that peak price coin went.

But what belief framework enables such a thing? Referring to a subset of its technology:

The unique advantages of Badlands [a sub-product of DFinity] are as follows:

“It will benefit from the maximum conceivable level of decentralization and censorship resistance, something that is held in great esteem by the blockchain community.”

You can tell that the folks who instructed the use of the name “Badlands” knew the motto: “There is no such thing as bad brand names, just bad strategies.” If you can give them “something that is held in great esteem”, well THAT IS A GREAT STRATEGY.

No dummies here. Cashing out should be a breeze… IF YOU KNOW THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD.